Stoney Creek's Show & Tell is a showcase
for some of the beautiful projects created
by our fans and followers.

To submit a project
you would like to see
featured in Show & Tell,
Email a photo and description to

Submitted By: Michele Eckert
Date: October 2018
Design: Joy-
Displayed in a mini lantern by Faithwurks
Publication / Publisher: Unknown-
Mini Lantern by Faithwurks

Submitted By: Victoria Brown
Date: October 2018

Design: Believe Snowfriends Banner
Publication: Stoney Creek Book 483 Believe Snowfriends Banner

Submitted By; Ana Rosa Buckman
Date: October 2018
Design: Halloween Pincushion
Publication/Publisher: Unknown

Submitted By: Ana Rosa Buckman
Date: October 2018
Design: The Skeleton Key
Publication: Just Cross Stitch 2016 Halloween Special Collector's Issue

Submitted By: gibbarjoyce
Date: October 2018
Design: Carousel Portrait
Publication: Stoney Creek Book 117 Carousel Magic

Submitted By: Elaine Hofer
Date: October 2018
Designs: Candy Cane Towel & Joy Ornament Towel
Publication: Stoney Creek Leaflet 382 Christmas Towels

Submitted By: Tabitha Neufield
Stitched By: Doria Lorentzen
Date: October 2018
Design: Jack o' Lantern in Leaves

Publisher: Unknown

Submitted By: Alicia j Cooper
Date: September 2018
Design: Mom
Publisher: Dimensions

Submitted By: Donna Braatz
Date: September 2018
Design: Santa's Train Stocking
Publication: Stoney Creek Leaflet 314 Santa Tran Stocking

Submitted By: Paula Lightfoot
Date: September 2018
Design: The Lord's Prayer
Publication: Stoney Creek Book 467 The Lord's Prayer

Submitted By: Elaine Hofer
Date: September 2018
Designs: Halloween Banners I, II & III
Publication: Stoney Creek Leaflet 332 Halloween Banners I, Leaflet 333 Halloween Banners II, and Leaflet 334 Halloween Banners III

Submitted By: Monica Trueblood
Date: September 2018
Design: Nature's Home Afghan
Publication: Stoney Creek Book 421 Nature's Home